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Sagittarius season is a time to get out of our comfort zones and explore new horizons. This week, be curious like a child and find new adventures.

It is officially Sagittarius season! This is a dynamic season to expand your mind, tune into your passions, and cherish life’s pleasures.

Slow down and tune into your inner world. Reflect on what drives your ambition, passion, and even frustration. Let's see what the stars have f…

We may all be feeling the effects of Mars’ retrograde this month. Try not to take things too personal and flow through this time the best you …

On Sunday, October 9, we welcome the Full Moon in Aries. At this time—surrender, accept, let go, forgive, and open yourself up to new possibil…

As we slowly close the hottest season Venus is still in Virgo till September 29th. That means beauty and health come together as one. Let’s se…

We are slowly saying “See you next year” to the Leo season. On August 20th Mars will enter Gemini. We will move in a zig-zag path, often dropp…

On July 22, the Sun enters proud Leo. Where there is a will.. there is a way. Here is what this week looks like in the stars:

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13 revealed that there is no way back to the past. Whatever “gap” you need to close - use your heart not head.…

We are approaching New Moon in Gemini that always brings new perspective. It is time to close old cycles and begin new. Let’s see what we have…

We are still under Full Moon in Leo. Leo is about passion, creativity and enthusiasm. Let’s see how this affects the zodiacs this week:

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A deeply golden, even slightly orange handful of fire rises in the dusk each day and spends the entire night crossing low across the south sky. That imposing mass of celestial flame and fame is none other than the most fascinating of all Earth’s fellow worlds, the planet Mars — making its closest approach to Earth in 15 years just two weeks from now.

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What a rich outpouring — in fact, a veritable cornucopia — of astronomical sights we have these next two weeks. We have Jupiter and Mercury close together at several dawns, while Venus is approaching Saturn and the star Antares at nightfalls. We have a Virginia rocket launch dramatically visible from South Jersey (the rocket exploded spectacularly last time). We have the moon passing in front of night’s brightest star it can ever hide, plus a few others. And we have a free local Skywatch at which you can see Venus, Saturn, Mars and more through some of New Jersey’s best telescopes.

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Would you like to see three famous bright planets - Jupiter, Mars and Saturn - lined up fairly high in the sky each evening? How about a side order of two more bright planets, though very low in the west right after sunset? How would you like to witness the International Space Station pass very near fiery Mars? Would you also like to see stars in Taurus the Bull wink out of view behind the bright edge of a lovely crescent moon, then flash back into sight from the moon's dark side?

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September will be amazing. Two weeks from today, I'll be telling you how to observe Sept. 27's red total eclipse of the closest full moon of the year - which also is a harvest moon. I'll also be telling you about the very close "conjunction" (pairing) of red planet Mars and blue star Regulus.

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Our cold weather and snowstorms have continued. But skygazers who read this column knew the past two weeks when to step out for a minute or watch from a car to see thrilling sights in the heavens.

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Our main topic today is the fascinating trek of Mars through the bright constellation Scorpius the Scorpion these next two weeks. But now that we reach the true beginning of autumn - the autumn equinox at 10:29 p.m. on Sept. 22 - it's also time to take a preview of the most amazing astronomy sights and events of the fall. In particular we have to get ready for October's eclipses - one of the moon and one of the sun.

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