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Hello Libra season, the intelligent, kind and always willing to put others before themselves zodiac that values harmony in all forms. Let’s se…

Venus enters Scorpio on Friday, Sept. 10, bringing new flame intensity in relationship matters. It’s time to go deep with yourself and also wi…

Sunny vibrations of Leo season is upon us, and we have to expect small changes and glitches. Professional growth is the theme. Let’s see what …

Aries (March 21 – April 20) Luckily you have been working on yourself ever since the year has started. Avoid being bitter this week.

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The first weeks of May often feature some of our very clearest nights of the year. This year they definitely bring us glorious Venus at its highest as "Evening Star" and Mercury at its most visible of the year after sunset with the lovely Pleiades star cluster near it. They also bring us prime views of the Big Dipper and Leo the Lion.

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