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Casino, Clubs & Lounges Calendar

Casino, Clubs & Lounges Calendar

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Park Place and Boardwalk

Jerry Longo’s Meatballs & Martinis 609-340-2000 Friday: live entertainment, 9 p.m.; Saturday: live entertainment, 9 p.m.; Sunday: live entertainment, 5 p.m.; F, Sa, Su

L Bar 609-340-2000 Friday: live entertainment, 9 p.m.; F

Dining on the Sixth 609-340-2000 Saturday: Live entertainment, 6 p.m.; Sa

Water Dog 609-340-2000 Friday: Sons of Thunder, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Independence Day, 10 p.m.; F, Sa


1 Borgata Way

Lobby Bar 609-317-1000 Friday: live piano bar, 5 p.m.; Saturday: Live piano bar, 1 p.m.; F, Sa

B Bar 609-317-1000 Friday: Adam Holcombe Duo, 10:30 p.m.; Saturday: Kanama, 6:30 p.m., Coconutz Duo, 10:30 p.m.; F, Sa

Gypsy Bar 609-317-1000 Thursday: Eleven Eleven, 10 p.m.; Friday: Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous, 7 p.m., Lifespeed, 11 p.m.; Saturday: Nicolls Road, 7 p.m., JJ Rupp, 11 p.m.; Sunday; Turning the Tides, 10 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su


2100 Pacific Avenue

Wild Wild West Mountain Bar 609-340-2000 Thursday: Changing Lanes, 9 p.m., DJ ADUB, 8:30 p.m.; Friday: Fight Back Home, 10 p.m., DJ Joey Dino, 9 p.m.; Saturday: Lost in Paris, 10 p.m., DJ Aiden Scott, 9 p.m., Dancers, 10 p.m.; Th, F, Sa

Toga Bar 609-340-2000 Friday: DJ Vito G, 9 p.m.; Saturday: DJ ADUB, 9 p.m.; F, Sa


Huron Avenue and Brigantine Boulevard

Rush Lounge 800-777-8477 Thursday: Dane Anthony, 8 p.m.; Friday: DC Duo, 6 p.m., The Exceptions, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Amanda & Teddy, 6 p.m., Patty Blee, 10 p.m.; Sunday: Football Games; Monday; Monday Night Football; Tuesday: Patty & Bugzy, 8 p.m.; Wednesday: Lisa Bouchelle, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

The Wave 800-777-8477 Friday: Fix You (Coldplay Tribute) hosted by Michael James; Saturday: Hickstown Road hosted by Cat Country’s Jahna Michal Doors; F, Sa


1000 Boardwalk

The Lobby Bar 609-449-1000 Thursday: New Attitude, 7 p.m.; Friday: LeCompt, 5 p.m., DJ Fots Beats, 5 p.m., Split Decision, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Eleven Eleven, 1 p.m., Grooveheart, 5:30 p.m., Garden State Radio, 10 p.m.; Sunday: BMW, 4 p.m., The Neptunes, 8:30 p.m.; Monday: Changing Lanes, 7 p.m.; Tuesday: Steal the Sky, 7 p.m.; Wednesday: The Cliffs, 7 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

Council Oaks Steaks & Seafood 609-449-1000 Thursday: Good Treble, 6 p.m.; Friday: Virginia Cavaliere Trio, 5:30 p.m., Brielle Von Hugel Trio, 8:15 p.m.; Saturday: Virginia Cavaliere Trio, 5:30 p.m., Brielle Von Hugel Trio, 8:15 p.m.; Sunday: Amanda & Teddy, 6 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su

Hard Rock Café 609-449-1000 Saturday: Rainbow Full of Sound (Grateful Dead Cover), 10 p.m.; Sa


777 Harrah’s Boulevard

Harrah’s Lobby 609-441-5000 Saturday: Jason Long, 4 p.m.; Sa

Martorano’s 609-441-5000 Friday: DJ Chris Devine, 9:30 p.m.; Saturday: DJ Chris Devine, 9:30 p.m.; F, Sa

Eden Lounge 609-441-5000 Friday: The Legacy Band, 10 p.m., DJ Rashaun, 9 p.m.; Saturday: Drop Dead Sexy, 10 p.m., DJ Philly Will, 9 p.m.; F, Sa

The Pool After Dark 609-441-5316 Friday: DJ Dahve, 7 p.m., DJ Nico Oso, midnight; Saturday: DJ Dahve, noon, DJ B Lee, 7 p.m., DJ Chachi, midnight; F, Sa


500 Boardwalk

Villain & Saint 609-783-8001 Thursday: Quizzo; Friday: Kicking Sunrise Duo, 6 p.m., Gypsy Wisdom, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Black Car Gina, 6 p.m., Stealing Savanah Duo, 10 p.m.; F, Sa

1927 Lounge 609-783-8001 Friday: The Coconutz Duo, 8:15 p.m.; Saturday: Black Car Gina Duo, 6 p.m., Five Times Famous, 8:15 p.m.; F, Sa

HQ2 Beachclub 609-783-8001 Friday: Rick Wonder, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Gattuso 10 p.m.; F, Sa


1133 Boardwalk</&h5>

Bar One 609-344-6000 Friday: live music; Saturday: live music; F, Sa

Dougherty’s Steakhouse & Raw Bar 609-344-6000 Thursday: live music, 5 p.m.; Friday: live music, 5 p.m.; Saturday: live music, 5 p.m.; TH, F, Sa

Margaritaville 1133 Boardwalk, 609-431-4100 Saturday: Smokey Starr, 5 p.m.; Sa


2831 Boardwalk

Kiss Kiss Nightclub 609-300-1615 Thursday: DJ; Friday: DJ; Saturday: DJ; Th, F, Sa

Anthem 609-576-5206 Friday: DJ; Saturday: DJ; F, Sa

Boogie Nights 888-940-7080 Thursday: 90s – Y2K, 10 p.m.; Th

Tango’s Lounge 800-843-8767Friday: live entertainment; Saturday: live entertainment; F, Sa

Firewaters Saloon 609-344-4039 Friday: Big Daddy Duo, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Tom & Sara, 10 p.m.; F, Sa

Cuba Libre 609-348-6700 Friday: We Love Music Fridays, 10:30 p.m.; Saturday: Bailamos Presents: Meet Me on the Dance Floor, 10:30 p.m.; F, Sa


Hi-Point Pub 5 North Shore Road, 609-641-3172 Monday: Quizzo with Michelle Tomko; Tuesday: Karaoke with Troy David, 10 p.m.; Wednesday: DJ Vito G; M, T, W


Anchor Rock Club 247 South New York Ave., 609-350-7140 Saturday: Saved by the 90’s Party, 8 p.m.; Sa

Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall 133 South Tennessee Ave., 609-541-4099 Friday; Shaun LaBoy, 9 p.m.; Saturday; Christian Glomb Band, 9 p.m. F, Sa

Bourre 201 South New York Ave., 609-246-6670 Friday: Dylan Calvelli Album Release; Saturday: Grand Premier (Hip Hop); F, Sa

Kelsey’s 1545 Pacific Ave., 609-344-2200 Sunday; Tony Day; Su

Rhythm & Spirits 129 S. Tennessee Ave. Thursday: Tiki Thursday, 5 p.m.; Saturday: Saucy Saturday’s hosted by Hollywood Jay & DJ Skyline, 11 p.m.; Th, Sa

Showboat 801 Boardwalk, 609-343-4000Thursday: Thirsty Thursday; Saturday: Karaoke Contest, Monster Mash Dance Party/Costume Contest; Sunday: Disney Villains Drag Brunch, Latin Night; Th, Sa, Su


St. George’s Pub 4282 Harbor Beach Boulevard, 609-266-1001 Thursday: Bingo; Friday: live entertainment; Saturday: live entertainment; Sunday: Comedy; Tuesday: Trivia; Wednesday: Karaoke with DJ Michael James; Th, F, Sa, T, W


Crossroads Bar & Grill 151 Philadelphia Ave., 609-445-5211 Friday: Mel & Tony, 6 p.m.; F

Renault Winery Resort and Golf 72 N. Bremen Ave., 609-965-2111 Friday; Harvest at Renault; Saturday: Harvest at Renault; Sunday; Harvest at Renault; F, Sa, Su

A Touch of Italy 6629 Black Horse Pike, 609-646-1855 Thursday: Beth Tinnon; Th


Vagabond EHT 3016 Ocean Heights Ave., 609-926-1863 Friday: The Brandon Ireland Band, 7 p.m.; F

Harbor Pines Golf Club 500 St. Andrews Drive, 609-927-0006 Friday: Chris Yoder; Saturday: Comedy & Cocktails with Robbin Fox, 6 p.m.; Sa


JD’s Pub and Grille 45 S. New York Rd., 609-404-9000 Saturday: live music; Sa

Pitney Pub 200 S. Pitney Rd., 609-241-8906 Friday: Karaoke; Wednesday: DJ B Lee; F, W

Fred & Ethel’s Lantern Light Restaurant & Tavern 1 N. New York Road, Smithville 609-652-0544 Friday: Danny Eyre; Saturday: Roger & Tom; F, Sa


White Horse Winery 106 Hall St., 609-270-1411 Friday: Jim Commander; Saturday: Zach Runfolo; Sunday: Nicki Sbaffoni; F, Sa, Su


The Fox Den at Linwood Country Club 500 Shore Road, 609-927-6134 Friday: Tom & Kim, 5 p.m.; F


Maynard’s Café 9306 Amherst Ave., 609-822-8423 Tuesday: Quizzo; T


Brick House Pub & Grille 4450 Black Horse Pike, 609-837-2763 Saturday: Juicy, 8 p.m.; Monday: Quizzo; Wednesday: Karaoke Night; Sa, M, W


Caroline’s By the Bay 450 Bay Avenue 609-927-9007 Thursday: Karaoke with Troy David; Friday: Bar None; Saturday: live entertainment; Wednesday: Open Mic hosted by Tribe; Th, F, Sa, W

Gregory’s Restaurant 900 Shore Road, 609-927-6665 Thursday: Bob & Bob, 6 p.m.; Saturday: DJ Carter, 9 p.m.; Tuesday: Cole Moore, 6 p.m.; Wednesday: trivia; Th, Sa, T, W

Clancy’s By the Bay 101 East Maryland Ave., 609-927-6969 Tuesday; Karaoke with Lori Kelley; Wednesday: Trivia Night; T, W

Josie Kelly’s Public House 908 Shore Rx., 609-904-6485 Thursday: The Tommy Allen Band, 6:30 p.m.; Friday: The Bumpuses, 7 p.m.; Monday: Sage Thomas, 6 p.m., Shaun Durnin, 6 p.m.; Th, F, M

The Crab Trap 2 Broadway, 609-927-7377 Thursday: Chris Farrell; Friday: Mike Gibbins Duo; Saturday: Walt & Toni; Wednesday: Greg Clark; Th, F, Sa, W


Santucci’s Original Pizza 6413 Ventnor Ave. 609-493-7202 Thursday through Sunday: Live entertainment; Tuesday: Quizzo; Th, F, Sa, Su, T



The Windrift 105 80th St., 609-368-5175 Friday: Darin MacDonald, 6 p.m., Sidearm Trio, 9:30 p.m.; Saturday: Jim Bannach, 6 p.m., The Zone, 9:30 p.m.; F, Sa


Tuckahoe Inn 1 Harbor Road, 609-390-3322 Friday; Jim Fisher, 5:30 p.m.; Saturday: Mike Gibbins, 5:30 p.m.; Sunday: Allison Landon, 5:30 p.m.; Wednesday: Brooke DiCaro, 5:30 p.m.; F, Sa, Su, W


The Mad Batter 19 Jackson Street, 609-884-5970 Thursday: Les DeRose; Friday: Gregg & Lara; Saturday: Jimm Ross Trio; Sunday: Open Mic Night; Monday: Jimm Ross; Tuesday: Andy Reeves; Wednesday: Dan Barry; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

La Mer Beachfront Resort 1317 Beachfront Ave., 609-884-9000 Saturday: Fall Festival, noon, Live music, 6 p.m.; Sunday: Fall Festival, noon, Live music, 6 p.m.; F, Sa

Harpoons on the Bay 91 Beach Drive, 609-886-5529 Friday: Ryan Tennis, 6 p.m.; Saturday: Oktoberfest with host DJ Kristoph and Stas’ Polka Allstars, noon, The Bratwust Boys, 5 p.m.; Sunday; NFL; F, Sa, Su

Ebbitt Room 25 Jackson St., 609-884-5700 Friday and Saturday: Kenneth Richardson; F, Sa

Exit Zero Filling Station 110 Sunset Blvd. 609-770-8479 Saturday: TNT; Monday: Dan Barry; Sa, M

Fins Cape May 142 Decatur St., 609-884-3449 Friday: Ken Shiles, 7 p.m.; Saturday: Matt Adams Duo, 7 p.m.; Sunday: Amy Faden, 2 p.m.; F, Sa, Su


Country Club Tavern 1512 N. Route 9, 609-465-1515 Sunday: live music; Su

Scola BYOB 3 W. Mechanic St., 609-536-8883 Tuesday: Dan Barry; T


Yesterday’s 316 Roosevelt Blvx. 609-390-1757 Saturday: live entertainment; Sa

NORTH WILDWOOD Owen’s Pub, 119 E. 17th Avenue 609-729-7290 Saturday: Original Name That Tune with Mikey D, 9 p.m.; Wednesday: Quizzo with Mikey D, 8 p.m.; Sa, W

Angelsea Pub 116 W. 1st Ave. North, 609-729-1133 Friday and Saturday: Live entertainment; F, Sa


Kix McNutley’s 63rd & Landis, 609-263-6341 Friday; Daryl Freda, 5 p.m.; F

Oar House Pub 318 42nd Place, 609-263-3000 Thursday; LeCompt Duo, 7 p.m.; Friday; 4-U Trio, 9 p.m.; Saturday: LeCompt, 9 p.m.; Th, F, Sa


Fred’s Tavern 314 96th St., 609-368-5591 Saturday: live music; Sa

Sax at the Reed’s 9601 Third Ave., 609-368-0100 Thursday: Live music, 7 p.m.; Th


Mud Hen Brewing Co. 127 W. Rio Grande Ave., 609-846-7918 Friday: The Crybabies, 5 p.m.; Saturday: Left on Read, 5 p.m.; F, Sa

Dogtooth Bar 100 E. Taylor Ave., 609-522-8383 Friday: DJ Denny; F

Old City Pub 3301 Atlantic Ave., 609-846-1110 Thursday: Music Bingo; Th



Old Oar House Irish Pub 123 N. High St., 856-293- Wednesday: Old Oar House Karaoke; W

Sidelines 2 S. Sharp Street, 856-825-1667 Tuesday: Trivia; T



Lighthouse Tavern 397 Route 9, 609-693-3150 Thursday: Quizzo; Friday: Mike Konopka, 6 p.m.; Saturday: Clutch Dog, 6 p.m.; Wednesday: Karaoke with DJ Don, 7:30 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, W


Buckalew’s Restaurant and Tavern 101 N. Bay Ave., 609-492-1065 Friday; Dave Jones, 8 p.m.; Saturday: Gary Phillips, 8 p.m.; Tuesday: Mike Byrne, 6 p.m.; F, Sa, T

Nardi’s Tavern 118th St and The Blvd., 609-492-9538 Friday: Mike Byrne, 5 p.m., Rock Lobsters, 10 p.m.; Saturday; Fish & Nick, 5 p.m., Friend Zone, 10 p.m.; F, Sa


Calloway’s 597 Rt. 9 West Creek 609-978-0220 Saturday: Drunken Clams, 1 p.m.; Sa


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