When it comes to cooking at home, you can get super complicated and attempt beef Wellington or baked Alaska, but most folks don’t have the skill or patience to properly execute those types of dishes. And, frankly, they don’t really need to either. What makes for a better at-home meal than a simple burger? And if we are talkin’ burgers, nobody knows them better than Anthony DellaVecchia, chef and co-owner of famed Galloway burger spot Tony Beef.

Tony Beef serves up some of the freshest and most talked-about meats on a bun. With options from traditional beef to exotics such as camel and wild boar, the restaurant offers the ultimate experience for burger aficionados.

“I’m always working. The only time I cook something different than burgers is for my girlfriend,” DellaVecchia says.

Like most local spots, Tony Beef had to go through some growing pains initially, when restaurants were forced to switch to a takeout-only model due to the coronavirus.

“Initially business was slow for a few days, but just this past week it has picked up, and we have had lots of new customers, which is great,” he notes.

While DellaVecchia still recommends ordering takeout from Tony Beef and letting the pros handle the cooking, he was willing to help the home chefs fire up a great version of his lamb burger (which can currently be found on the menu at Tony Beef) – just in time for Easter.

“It’s delicious,” he says matter-of-factly.

And he is right. Don’t believe us? Cook one up for yourself and find out.

Anthony DellaVecchia’s Lamb Burger


½ pound fresh ground lamb

2-3 leaves of lettuce

2 slices of tomato

2 slices of American cheese


Sliced red onion

Kosher salt (for seasoning)

Your favorite bun (DellaVecchia suggests a buttermilk bun)


Form lamb into two patties, season both sides of each with kosher salt. Cook in a skillet or flat top over medium high heat for 3 minutes per side. Top burgers with cheese during the last minute of cooking. Top with lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and condiments of your choice. For the true Tony Beef experience, pair it with a chocolate shake.