If you are unfamiliar with the drill, we (our crack team of food reporters) determine 50+ of the region’s best Bites in Atlantic and Cape May counties that you must try before you die. And try you must — all within a 50-day period. The cost? $25. Yup you read that right — this year 50 Bites is half the price!

What can you expect this year that you haven’t already had the delicious pleasure of trying in
the past? Well, we can’t tell you yet. What fun would that be? But let’s just say, “a lot.”

Of course, not everything is new. All the things you loved about A.C. Weekly’s event
is returning — you will be able to take the city by storm, eating a bite at each of the restaurants, checking them off on your lanyard as you go. Wanna hit 20 in one day? Go for it. Use up all your bites and want more? Buy another pass and start your adventure all over again!
This is the culinary event of the year. There is nothing like it. Don’t miss out!

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Read our FAQ’s here for everything you need to know about 50 Bites+.
For more information email scronick@pressofac.com

Mailing is $6 per order. No refunds
Participating restaurants may charge tax.