The odds makers are still crunching numbers, but if you are trying to figure out who has the best chance of taking home the gold at Burger Bash 4, we present to you the second part of the list of burger warriors we started last week.

Fighter: The Bar Burger

Dojo: Council Oak Fish, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

Secret weapons: Secret sauce

Why it could win: Because you won’t see it coming. Think about it — a place named Council Oak Fish coming out with a trophy at a burger competition? Seems impossible. That is what they want you to think. Then you bite into the custom blend patty and everything you thought you knew about burgers that come from fish restaurants goes right out the window.

Fighter: The Southern Waygu Patty Melt

Dojo: Villain & Saint, Ocean Casino Resort

Secret weapons: Pickled okra, caraway, rye and oat bun

Why it could win: Villain & Saint shocked the competition when their wing took third place from the judges at Wing Wars this year. Could their burger repeat or even outdo that success at Burger Bash? It’s very possible, as they are bringing some serious high end beef and a rye bun with caraway seeds that will taste like nothing else at the competition.

Fighter: Topgolf Burger

Dojo: Topgolf Swing Suite, Ocean Casino Resort

Secret weapon: Garlic knot bun

Why it could win:The name doesn’t give away any details, but lets just say that when you literally throw sausage into the mix you raise your chances of victory considerably. And when you use a garlic knot as the bun? Fuggettaboutit ...

Fighter: The Messl Burger

Dojo: Essl’s Dugout

Secret weapons: Home fries

Why it could win: Ever see the classic “Messl” at Essl’s? Now add a burger to it. ’Nuff said.

Fighter: The Hickory Burger

Dojo: Ruby’s Dinette, Resorts Casino Hotel

Secret weapon: Ruby Rings

Why it could win: Each year Ruby’s brings a standout burger to Burger Bash and this time they just might take the top honors. After all what’s better than a burger? A burger involving both onion rings and “Ruby sauce.”

Fighter: Honey BBQ Crunch Burger

Dojo: Johnny Rockets, Ballys Atlantic City

Secret weapons: House-made potato chips

Why it could win: Johnny Rockets entire concept is based around classic american fare and burgers are their flagship item. A little sweet from the honey barbecue, a bit of applewood smoked bacon and just like that here comes the trophy.

Fighter: The Badass Black and Blue Burger

Dojo: Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall

Secret weapons: Short rib

Why it could win: It’s got short ribs resting on blue cheese — and that’s before you even get to the burger patty. How could this not be a serious contender?

Fighter: Tony’s Camel Burger

Dojo: Tony Beef

Secret weapons: Camel

Why it could win: It’s a freakin’ camel burger. Like as in they use actual camel meat. It goes without saying that this burger is going to be getting a lot of attention that day.

Fighter: The Little Mac Burger

Dojo: Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House

Secret weapons: Familiarity

Why it could win: Vagabond is no stranger to these events, often taking home many a trophy. This year they chose to recreate a certain famous burger from a certain chain restaurant which may or may not have a clown mascot with a rhyming name. Tasting those familiar flavors kicked up by the Vagabond crew may be enough for a victory.

Fighter: Renault Burger

Dojo: Joseph’s at Renault Winery

Secret weapons: Brie

Why it could win: The high-end folk will appreciate the brie while the rest of us commoners will go bonkers for the frizzled onions. Either way everybody wins. Maybe even the burger itself.

Fighter: The Guinness Burger

Dojo: Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

Secret weapons: Beer and booze

Why it could win: Hard Rock’s decision to add a Jameson bacon jam and a Guinness cheese sauce will likely make this burger as intoxicating as it sounds.