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Only three weeks left to make some 'Memories'

Only three weeks left to make some 'Memories'

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Once again, greetings and salutations. If you've been keeping up with the Geator, you know that we are here, there and everywhere at the shore, including Tuesdays in Atlantic City for our fabulous happy hours out on the Deck at the Golden Nugget, Thursday nights in Wildwood, of course Fridays and Saturday nights at Memories in Margate, and Sunday afternoons at La Costa in Sea Isle. And once again, nothing but stars at Memories over the weekend, including the return of Pennsylvania's Lt. Governor Mike Stack with his beautiful wife Tonya and our favorite judge who is now running for Supreme Court justice, the Hon. Paul Panepinto, along with the Shabels and Steve Lagos, the famous Center City jeweler and founder of Lagos.

Among those celebrating birthdays was the beautiful Stephanie, with hubby Ron Donatucci, Philadelphia's Register of Wills. Belated birthday wishes to Skye and Robby, who partied with us on the air in Hammonton. And congratulations to Carol Tamburino, who is now officially a grandmother. We can't forget our favorite listeners, the legendary Phil Juliano and Frankie Parm, and Carl Poplar and the ever popular Peggy, along with Jefferson's Dr. A.J. Di Marino, wife Dottie, and friends, including Diane from Jefferson, with her daughter Jen and friends. And yes, that was a busload of folks from the Ocean City Yacht Club, along with Lisa and Pete Ciarrocchi of Chickie's & Pete's, who partied all night long on the dance floor. And we can't forget the lovely Connie Bookbinder of the original Bookbinder family, who was married to the late Samuel Bookbinder, whose dad founded Old Original Bookbinder's on 2nd and Walnut.

And it's really hard to believe, but you only have three more weeks to pick up on the magic of Memories in Margate. Let me remind you that Sunday, Aug. 23, at Memories it will be a live Donna Summer tribute by a remarkable artist, Rainere Martin, and you've got to see it to believe it. Then, of course, Labor Day Weekend will be fast approaching, and for our last hurrah of the summer we will go nonstop Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But more about that next week.

Before we get to your questions, I want to give a shout-out to the gang from Arizona, including Larry Scidurlo and Goretti grad Cheryl Tyrol and hubby Frank, who still follow the Geator. And a very special hello to an amazing young man, Dean Carfagno of Clayton, proud owner of the Lost Treasures of Doo Wop CD, who is celebrating his 7th birthday Wednesday, Aug. 19. Dean has got to be our youngest street-corner harmony fan and according to his mom, Meredith, was "born with doo wop in his bones." Dean, my man, happy birthday -- you rock!

Now, let's ask the Geator.

Was your movie "Cycad" filmed in part at Lenape Park? I was there with some friends checking out this car. The park manager said it was yours and that you were filming. Did you have a green Excalibur or Stutz parked there? -- Donald Moore, West Chester, PA

You're right on target, my pal -- we did film a segment of "Cycad" at Lenape Park. The car was a replica of a 1936 Cord that Clark Gable and Gary Cooper both once owned in California. I purchased it from Foreign Auto Sales on City Line Avenue in Philadelphia, who had replicas of many of the cars from the '30s and '40s. Unfortunately it did not ride like a modern day vehicle, so eventually I swapped it with Albert Taxin of Bookbinders who loved it for his limousine.

I was listening tonight to your broadcast on WVLT. You played "Creation of Love" by Frankie Lymon. You also played another version of the song performed by a female that sounded recorded in maybe the '80s. What is that group's name? I really liked the version I heard. Thanks, Jerry. -- Korey Ottmuller, Blackwood Terrace

It's by the Revivals, who just like their name were an oldie revival group who recorded in the '80s. That's one of those songs that is very difficult to find. Stand by -- because of the success we had with the Lost Treasures CD Part 1, you might just find it on Volume 2 when it comes out in the near future.

Why is your Sinatra show two hours and the XPN Rock and Roll, R&B Express one hour? -- Eddie Bowman, Philadelphia

Interesting question. The Sinatra show is two hours because I need that time to fully let the listener hear the different vocals in his career. It would be difficult to do that all in one hour. The XPN show gives me just enough time every week to create a different theme and complete a storyline musically. The Sunday show we do on WOND 1400 News Talk Radio runs from noon to 2 p.m. because Longport Media felt would that it would be a good time slot for the listeners who are coming out of Sunday services or, in summertime, going to the beach. It gives me an opportunity to explore the different vocal careers Frank had, recording and re-recording songs from Columbia to Capitol to Reprise. On the other hand, most people on Saturday evenings from 6 to 7 p.m., when we do our XPN show, are either driving or getting ready to go out for the evening. and the one-hour time slot would serve the station's listeners and give me just enough time to introduce a different theme every week and complete that storyline musically.

You can see a complete calendar of Jerry’s appearances by going to Got a question for the Geator? Send it to, watch this column for the answer -- and remember, keep on rocking, 'cause you only rock once! 


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