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Readers talk of back-to-back jackpots

Readers talk of back-to-back jackpots

After a long lull, readers have resumed sharing tales of back-to-back jackpots.

Since casinos have re-opened, reader experiences that have hit my email box include a couple of table stories that may not strictly fit the definitions of “jackpot,” but they’re rare fun nonetheless.

Merri: My favorite game is Three Card Poker, and my first two times back at casinos when they re-opened I couldn’t get a seat.

The third time, my husband and I got there at 7 in the morning and I think we could have played any open game. He went off to play blackjack and I went to Three Card Poker.

It probably was only five or six hands in when I got a 10 of diamonds, Jack of diamonds and Queen of diamonds. Straight flush, and it paid 40-1 on my $10 Pair Plus bet. Against the dealer, I won $10 on ante, $10 on play and the 5-1 ante bonus for another $50.

On the next hand, my cards were 4 of diamonds, 5 of diamonds, 6 of diamonds. Diamonds again, and another straight flush! My bets were the same as the first time, so now I won $470 twice over.

To me, that’s back to back jackpots.

Carl: I think the last time I played video poker for money was in February before I finally went back in September.

The casino had 8-5 Double Double Bonus Poker for quarters, and it had progressive jackpots on royal flushes, four Aces with a kicker and four Aces without the kicker.

I didn’t get a royal, but when I kept Ace-Jack of spades, and the other three Aces filled in. Instead of the usual 800 quarters, or $200, the progressive was up to $247 and some change, and it got rounded up to $248.

I texted my wife, and she left her slot machine to take a look at my progressive. I waited for her, then while she was standing there I hit the deal button for the next hand.

This time, I was dealt three Aces, and my draw brought first a 4, then the other Ace. Now I had the kicker progressive. Instead of 2,000 quarters, or $500, the meter was up to $652-plus.

I’ve had bigger wins. Any royal pays more than these two hands combined. But two progressives, back to back — that was fun!

Saul: I usually play $10 blackjack, but there were no tables under $25. I hadn’t played in ages, so I decided just this once to splurge.

Everything was normal at the start. I won a few hands and lost a few. Then I was dealt a blackjack. That was a $37.50 payoff. I kept $27.50 and bumped my next bet up to $35. Another blackjack! Payoff was $52.50.

Now I put out a $5 bet for the dealer and $50 for myself. Blackjack again, for $75. Now the dealer is congratulating me and the supervisor is over to have a look. I put the bet up to $100. At that level, my hands are sweating. I never bet that much.

And I got another blackjack, the fourth in a row, this time for $150. I couldn’t take another raise. I left my bet at $100, and got a push with an 18. That was the end of the shoe, and when the new deck came out of the shuffler, I took my bet back down to $25.

I realize a blackjack isn’t a jackpot. But four in a row way above my normal bet level felt like jackpots to me.

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