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The Fat Boys encounter some tasty Italian treats and a sandwich that nobody saw coming at Capri Pizza
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The Fat Boys encounter some tasty Italian treats and a sandwich that nobody saw coming at Capri Pizza

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So we’ve been on kind of a roll here with Italian restaurants as of late. And since many of them offer a wide variety of options that expand well beyond just pizza, we figured why mess with a good thing?

As it was time for another takeout lunch, we set our sights on Capri Pizza in Northfield. A simple, no-frills spot for sure but one with a stellar reputation for great food, Capri’s got the long counter up front with the glass pizza display case flanked by some tables and booths for an atmosphere slightly above what you might find in a strip-mall pizza shop.

Anyone who has been in this area long enough knows that Capri found its popularity with the community when it was located inside the former Shore Mall for decades … back when malls were the place to be if you were an awesome pizza shop.

Now, they relocated to Tilton Road, which is far more convenient than inside a mall for easy access.

Ryan: Despite it being less than 10 minutes from where our office is, I had never tried Capri before. So I really didn’t know what to order. I left most of that up to scale-tipping Scott, who had a bit more experience with this particular establishment. My sole contribution to the order was a cheesesteak with onions and sweet peppers that I decided to roll the dice on at the last minute.

Scott: Thank you my jumbo journalist friend. When I first moved to South Jersey and worked at The Press, Capri was our go-to lunch spot for me and my fellow co-workers of The Current, where I got my start down here. In all of the years we went there, I don’t think we ever had a bad meal. They always had great lunch specials and never disappointed.

I was happy to see that those same lunch specials continue to this day, and if there is inflation in this world, it doesn’t exist at Capri. You can still get sub, pizza, pasta and other specials at lunch for under 10 bucks.

Ryan: Since Capri is so close to the office, Scott was able to get the food and get back with everything still being hot. Temperature-wise, the pizza was perfect — not burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth hot, but hot enough to enjoy. This pie was great for its adherence to simplicity and tradition. A classic round pie with a thin crust all the way to the edges. While many pizzerias leave the edge of the pie to be dried-out garbage fodder, I plowed all the way through my slice from Capri. The cheese-to-sauce ratio leaned a bit hard on the cheese side, but the slice was really enjoyable with a bit of char on the underside which added an unexpected flair to the flavor.

Scott: I whole-heartedly agree on the pizza. It’s a classic football-style pie. A bit floppy, loaded with cheese, a tangy sauce and that kind of crust where you can taste the quality of its flour. And a large pie is just 12 bucks, a great deal.

My father always taught me that you can judge an Italian place by its spaghetti and meatballs. Since I haven’t had that classic dish in a while, we gave it a shot. Another steal at just $9.95, the heaping portion of perfectly cooked spaghetti was accompanied by four righteous-sized meatballs that would make any fat boy happy. The sauce, like the pizza sauce, had a great tang to it, and the meatballs tasted homemade, even though we wouldn’t swear to it.

Ryan: Scott wisely got us an order of mozzarella sticks. I don’t bother to order these very frequently at restaurants, because more often than not they are frozen and right out of a bag. Not the case at Capri. These were actually not the typical sticks you see — more like planks of freshly sliced cheese, each roughly the size and shape of a deck of cards with a crunchy golden breading that was really nice.

Scott: I would rank these right up with the best mozzarella sticks you will find in South Jersey. Certainly homemade, three large planks of mozzarella were served with more of that tangy marinara. Fatty perfection.

Ryan: I was getting kind of full at this point and almost wasn’t even going to try the cheesesteak I had ordered, because from a visual standpoint I was unimpressed. But man was this a lesson in not judging a book by its cover! This was one of the best cheesesteaks I have had in South Jersey. The steak was juicy and chopped finely, the cheese was creamy but not overbearing and the onions and peppers were grilled to the perfect consistency, each adding a nice touch of sweetness. I had them add a bit of mayo (a Fat Boy must) which brought all the flavors together and boosted it to the next level. This sandwich managed to be my favorite part of the meal. A real dark horse victory.

Scott: Ryan twisted my oversized arm into trying this after I originally passed, and man am I glad he has my fat boy back. Ryan is right: This cheesesteak is stellar. It was also on the lunch special menu: a mini cheesesteak — which was certainly big enough — served with fries for just $8.95. Impossible to beat.

In conclusion, I can’t say a single bad thing about this meal. Everything we had was great. The sad part is that we rediscovered a place that is very close to our office, which means we will be back often, which means we will be getting fatter. Nice job Capri.


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