It’s hard to believe, but summer is almost over. And while it’s tough to leave those beach days and summer nights behind us, when the temperatures cool down, autumn brings with it a fresh start and breathes new life into our style.

Trading in our swimsuits for layers and leather can be fun, as fall offers us many opportunities to add to our wardrobes and experiment with clothes, different trends and accessories. Sweaters, boots and statement jackets offer us a new season for style.

Fall fashion trends are always inspired by the runway looks of the previous season’s Fashion Week. Hot off the runways, we see many of autumn’s trends include unique fabrics and designs. From plastics and leather, to Western-inspired elements and socially-conscious fashion, here are four of the top trends for this season, inspired by the runway — but tailored to real-life.

Sustainability and social consciousness

As the fall 2018 runway season came to a close, several prominent fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Michael Kors pledged to stop using real animal fur in place of faux — and these brands have lived up to their promise. We also saw newer fashion brands incorporate recycled scarves into their eco-conscious designs, and we saw powerhouse brands like Gucci pledge $500,000 to the March For Our Lives Gun Control Rally and Balenciaga set forth its mission to end hunger by 2030 in partnership with World Food Programme.

There’s nothing better than when you not only look and feel your best, but you’ve supported a worthy cause along the way. Everlane, known for their effortless basics like sweaters, tees and jeans, is partnering with ethical factories around the world, sourcing the finest materials like Grade-A cashmere, Italian leather and Peruvian Pima cotton at an incredibly accessible price points.

Everlane Kick Crop Jean | $78 |

Foils and plastic

We’ve seen Kim Kardashian rock futuristic, sheer and seemingly plastic ensembles all over social media. She’s ahead of the trend. Most famously, we saw the business mogul and starlet don a plastic dress with PVC heels from her husband’s Yeezy line.

Come autumn, we will continue to see designers using aesthetics like plastic and foil from outerwear, to outfits, boots and shoes. If there is one way to incorporate this trend into your everyday style, a cute pair of shoes is a great way to start.

Keep in mind plastics are not breathable, so dresses and closed-toe heels will make you sweat. Opt for open-toe mule to let those tootsies breathe.

Zara | $69.90 |


The cooler temps that autumn brings traditionally give us one of the greatest gifts of fall fashion has to offer — leather. But this season, we are seeing leather designs pop up in a variety of rich colors from deep red to burgundy and hunter green.

It’s hard to think about couture, timeless leather styles and on-trend pieces without referencing French leather powerhouse, Jitrois. Leather is often has edgy and trendy undertones, but Jitrois makes leather super chic, sophisticated and show-stopping.

Jitrois Suede Dress | $2,950

Jitrois Ultra Long Trench | $5,500

Red Leather Jacket | $299.99 | Wilson’s Leather The Walk

Wild, wild West

Suedes, exaggerated fringe, Western prints and cowboy boots were a big trend for several top designers and we will see these elements slowly gaining steam this fall.

Fringe-Detailed Leather Jacket | Wilson’s Leather, The Walk $499.99

Frye Booties | Macy’s $189