Now that winter’s best holidays have come and gone, we are officially less than a month away from the first day of spring! While the frigid temperatures aren’t warming up anytime soon, now is the perfect opportunity to use this period of hibernation to purchase some fabulous spring accessories, including a great pocketbook.

So hold on tight to your handbag — we have three must-have styles that won’t break your wallet.

Belt bag

Previously known as the fanny pack, the belt bag has been making a comeback for a few years now and the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, making it a must-have for spring. As we gear up for more time spent outdoors, the belt bag is equal parts fashion and function, whether taking a stroll on the beach or boardwalk, enjoying all the tourist sites on vacation, or simply running errands on the weekends. Like the lanyard, the belt bag allows you to look cool, chic, and casual, while freeing up your shoulders and hands for more shopping!

Not only does this Coach bag make for a hip accessory around the waist like its namesake indicates, but it also looks fabulous over the shoulder as a crossbody style.

$175 Coach, Tanger Outlet/The Walk


It’s hard to think of a lanyard as a handbag, but some of the top designers have showcased this style on the runways. Whether you view it as a “handbag alternative” or a unique accessory to help you go hands-free, a lanyard is a more stylish adornment compared to a larger bag, but just make sure you have ample pocket space to hold your phone.

Kate Spade | Cameron Street Lanyard | $58

Kate Spade Factory Store | Atlantic City

Put a ring on it

Fashion lovers everywhere want to put a ring on it this season, but we aren’t talking about a diamond — we are talking about handbags!

Uniquely constructed bags are continuing to gain steam this year, and the looped handle is one of the most popular styles for purses.

We love this bag for two reasons: it showcases the unique circular handle and offers a silver mesh style, one of the most popular colors for purses this Spring.

Ring Mesh Clutch | Nordstorm

$99 |