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Sundaes in the Summer … at Juli’s Pink Ice Cream
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Sundaes in the Summer … at Juli’s Pink Ice Cream

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Juli's Pink Ice Cream

The Pina Colada Sundae at Juli’s Pink Ice Cream

A shoebox-sized storefront located on Ventnor Avenue in Atlantic City, Juli’s Pink Ice Cream is the kind of place that you could easily walk right past without even knowing it’s there, but to do so would be a shame, as you would be missing out.

The inside walls at Juli’s are decorated from floor to ceiling with colorful cereal boxes of various brands, but I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure why. Though they do occasionally utilize toppings like Fruity Pebbles in a few of their sundaes and ice cream cakes, the cereal theme is not overly prominent on the menu overall, so that part left me puzzled.

Cereal or not, they do have a nice selection of ice cream flavors and some creative concepts like ice cream tacos and french toast waffle cones available as well.

I opted for the Pina Colada Sundae – a delightful combo of coconut ice cream, pineapple topping, pound cake, whipped cream and a cherry. Here is what I thought of it:

The Concept: Even in its most traditional drink form, a pina colada is basically a dessert – and a damn good one too. Coconut and pineapple are two of my favorite flavors, so it was an easy choice for me right off the bat. But I have to wonder - why isn’t this a standard sundae option at every ice cream shop? It seems like we stumbled upon a pretty obvious concept that everybody is sleeping on.

The Ice Cream: Coconut ice cream is a rare treat and this one was enjoyable, with a well pronounced coconut flavor. The ice cream isn’t homemade here though, and they aren’t using a brand with a particularly high butterfat content, so it’s not overly creamy or decadent in that respect. Usually this sundae comes with both vanilla and coconut ice cream, but I had them double down on the coconut in mine, as the vanilla seemed unnecessary.

The Toppings: They layer their sundaes at Juli’s which is great because you keep finding more hidden treasures as you work your way through it. The pineapple sauce was thick and chunky, almost like a compote, and it perfectly balanced the creaminess of the coconut, while the pound cake pieces were well hidden, the ones I found added density and substance. The whipped cream was tasty and light and the cherry on top was … the cherry on top!

The Bottom Line: I can’t think of a better alcoholic beverage to convert into a sundae and Juli’s Pink Ice Cream did a nice job with this creation.

The Score: 7.1

Juli’s Pink Ice Cream is located at 4107 Ventnor Ave. in Atlantic City. Call 609-385-8819.


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