My Happy Place : Michelle Tomko

Local comedian Michelle Tomko, 47 at Happy places at the Ocean Club in Atlantic City, where she lives including the the sixth floor and the pool area. April 22, 2019 (Craig Matthews / Staff Photographer)

Local award-winning comedian Michelle Tomko will perform a one-woman show titled Yo Eleven, at historic Dante Hall Theater Thursday and Friday, Nov. 21 and 22, as part of a fellowship with the journalistic non-profit Images and Voices of Hope.

As one of 12 fellows from across the country, Tomko was tasked with composing a stories that featured the lives of citizens in Atlantic City. Yo Eleven honors the many unsung heroes living within the community. Tomko will interpret each of her in-depth interviews with them live on stage.

The shows are free to attend and also include a reception and talk back on opening night.

Dante Hall is located at 14 N. Mississippi Ave. In Atlantic City. For more info go to or