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10 things to do on the Ocean City Boardwalk
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10 things to do on the Ocean City Boardwalk

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There are plenty of things to do in Ocean City other than enjoying the beach, and best spot to find many of them is the Boardwalk. From the delicious food to the arcades and thrilling rides, the fun never ends. Here are a few of our favorite spots on the boards to hit up this summer:

Gillian’s Wonderland PierThis indoor/outdoor amusement park is perfect for groups to attend — especially if you have children in the mix. They have a wide assortment of classic rides like the ferris wheel, canyon falls log flume, Moby Dick, and more. Rides require tickets, which are priced at $25 for 25 tickets, $60 for 80 tickets, and $125 for 185 tickets. However, they offer a weekday wristband special for $25 a pop that gives each person access to all the rides excluding the bungee jump. The weekday wristband special ends Sept. 2.

Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is located at 600 Boardwalk. Go to

Johnson’s PopcornIf you are unfamiliar with Johnson’s Popcorn, it’s something of an Ocean City legend and a true boardwalk must-see. They are best known for their caramel popcorn, but they also other flavors like cheddar cheese, chocolate drizzle, and classic butter. A small cup of caramel popcorn costs $3.95, a small bag of caramel popcorn costs $6.50, a small tub costs $7.50, a large bag of caramel popcorn costs $9.25, and a large tub of caramel popcorn costs $12.50. Save the tubs because you can refill them. A refill for the small tub is $7.50 and a refill for a large tub is $10.75. If you have not tried caramel popcorn, be ready for a potential addiction to begin. Johnson’s Popcorn has three locations, at 660 Boardwalk, 828 Boardwalk, and 1368 Boardwalk. Go to

Kohr BrosThose who have only tried normal soft serve are simply missing out. Frozen custard is its creamier, far more delicious cousin and nobody does it better than Kohr Bros. They have flavors like black cherry, cool mint, butter pecan and more and you can also get twists of some flavors, like chocolate and cool mint. Top ’em with chocolate or rainbow sprinkles (jimmies if you’re local) for a perfect heat-beating treat. A small cone is $4, a regular cone is $5, a waffle cone is $6, and an ultimate waffle cone — which comes coated in chocolate and sprinkles — is $7. Kohr Bros has five locations: Wonderland Pier, 664 boardwalk, 820 boardwalk, 1140 boardwalk, and 986 boardwalk, Ocean City. Go to

Mirror MazeChallenge your family and friends to see who can get out the fastest in the alien-themed mirror maze. The Mirror Maze has dead ends, surprising corners and infinite reflections to make the whole thing more challenging along with some PG-rated intense music and scary aliens. Which way is the right way? That’s up to you to figure out. There is also a Laser Maze challenge where players enter a dark room and must avoid the lasers on the wall a-la Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible.” Patrons must tap buttons on the wall to complete the objective. Hit a laser and more time is added to the clock. This game tests your speed, agility and balance.

Time Freak is a new attraction in which players race around a control room frantically pushing buttons as they light up in an effort to score points as quickly as possible.

The cost of the mirror maze is $13 per person, the Laser Mazeand Time Freak are $6 per person. You can save money by doing all three games for $15 per person. Mirror Maze is located at 832-834 Boardwalk. Go to

Manco & MancoThe definitive Ocean City pizzeria, Manco & Manco is an institution and one of the most popular places to eat on the Boardwalk. No matter when you go, expect a line, but it moves quickly and is worth the wait. A plain slice of pizza costs $3.28 and additional toppings like pepperoni, sausage and bacon are available for $1.41 extra. A plain pie is $24.15. If you are still hungry later in the day you would be wise to come back and get their zeppoles. Covered in powdered sugar, these deep fried dough balls are an amazing treat to eat on the boardwalk. An order of zeppoles will run you $7.50. Manco & Manco have three locations on the Boardwalk at 758 Boardwalk, 9th and Boardwalk, and 12th and Boardwalk, Go to

Seaside Go-Kart SpeedwayGentlemen (and ladies), start your engines! Racing go-karts is fun for everyone and when you have a big group, it’s even better as you challenge your family and friends to see who captures the checkered flag. Two-seater race cars run over the oval track with exciting whip action for an immense amount of fun. The backdrop scenery represents race scenes, and some lights and signs flash over you for the ultimate go-karting experience. Guests must be 56 inches tall to ride alone and 36 inches tall to ride with an adult. Tickets are $7 per rider. The go-karts are located at 936 Boardwalk. Go to

Castaway CoveThis is where the rides get more thrilling. Castaway Cove has thrillers like the Double Shot, which shoots riders 110 feet into the air while the High Seas Log Flume can always be counted on to get you wet. Alien Abduction is a ride where gravity forces guests to the wall as the ride spins. There is also the Buccaneer pirate ship that swings riders back and forth at 54 feet in the air, along with a host of other rides. You can get one ticket for a dollar, 50 tickets for $40, 100 tickets for $75, and 220 tickets for $140. Tickets never expire. Castaway Cove is located at 1020 Boardwalk. Go to

Congo Falls Mini GolfAt Congo Falls there are three different miniature golf courses to choose from — Solomon’s Mine, Congo Queen and Lost City. Lost City is also all indoors so it’s perfect for a rainy day, but if you want to stay outside, choose one of the other courses. The whole place is a lot of fun with wild themes and a gorilla that blows smoke from his nostrils. If you manage to land a hole-in-one on the final hole, you win a free game. Or, if you prefer, you can test your luck and drop your final ball in a game of Plinko to try and win a free game. Rounds of golf cost $8 or $9 per person, depending on the time of day. Congo Falls Mini Golf is located at 1132 Boardwalk, Ocean City. Go to

Surf MallThe Surf Mall is a great place to walk around and shop for fun souvenirs. They have funny t-shirts, sunglasses, posters, toys and more. You can even go in the back and check out the black light room where there are plenty of cool black light posters to see. It’s a great spot to duck away when the heat of the sun becomes too much to handle, and with such a wide variety of merch on hand, you are bound to find something. The Surf Mall is located at 1154 Boardwalk. Check out the Surf Mall on Facebook.

Jilly’s ArcadeLocated directly next to the Surf Mall is Jilly’s Arcade. Jilly’s Arcade is filled with endless fun thanks to a myriad of classic games like skee-ball, pinball, air hockey, basketball, and more in addition to their lineup of video games. Jilly’s Arcade now has cards where you can load any dollar value to the card, and it works on everything in the arcade. Cards never expire or lose value. Next to Jilly’s Arcade is Jilly’s Ice Cream Factory, giving you the perfect excuse to end the day with some ice cream. Jilly’s Arcade is located at 1168 Boardwalk. Go to


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