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50 Bites+ Navigation guide: Week 3

50 Bites+ Navigation guide: Week 3

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With two weeks down you guys are likely getting into the swing of things with your Bites, but even if you think of yourself as an old pro, a mapped- out navigation for your next outing can only be a good thing, right?


MADE Chocolate

121 S. Tennessee Ave. // 609-289-2888 //

Chocolate Tartufo truffle with Cherry Infused Whiskey Syrup

Undoubtedly the sweetest addition to the Tennessee Avenue Project, MADE produces incredible bean-to-bar chocolate that is unlike any you have tasted. Their chocolate tartufo truffle is luscious and as sinful as you would expect. A perfect chocolate ending to any day of 50 Biting.




This week we begin our journey on Atlantic City’s Tennessee Avenue, where the recent transformation efforts on the block are really starting to take shape. Since it’s early, stop one is a no brainer. We head into Hayday for a cup of their signature roast drip coffee, which gives us the perfect boost of energy to begin our day of Bites. Next up we we make sure to hit up the O.G. of the block, Pic-A-Lilli Pub, where the greatest wings in the solar system await us.



Resorts Casino Hotel // 609-431-4100 // Margaritaville

Lava Lava Shrimp

Some call them bang bang shrimp, but Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville calls them Lava Lava Shrimp. Whatever you call them, they are scrumptious. Small shrimp are battered, golden fried and drizzled with a chili-and-lime-spiked aioli so good you’ll want to ask for some extra on the side.

Once we finish our wings it’s time to head down the street for the perfect sweet ending to our mini three-course snack, the chocolate tartufo truffle with cherry infused whiskey syrup at MADE Chocolate.


Ruby’s Dinette

Resorts Casino Hotel // 609-289-8152 // Quick Bites Food Court on Facebook

Deluxe B-L-T-A A 50 Bites veteran, Ruby’s jumps in again with an American diner classic BLT this time with the special twist of fresh avocado slices. It’s all piled on golden-grilled Parmesan sourdough for an unforgettable Bite.

After polishing off all that Tennessee Avenue has to offer, we head north to Resorts, where three more Bites all mingle under one roof. First up is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, where the spicy lava lava shrimp wakes up our taste buds. From there it’s off to Ruby’s Dinette for their deluxe b-l-t-a. What’s the “a” for? Avocado of course — and its cool creamy texture perfectly balances out the saltiness of the bacon, making for a particularly scrumptious morsel. After making quick work of Ruby’s we head to our final bite of the day at Bubbakoo’s Burritos. Bubbakoo’s presents us with a choice of a hard or soft taco in either chicken, pulled pork or ground beef varieties. Pick your favorite and call it a day.


Bubbakoo’s Burritos

Resorts //

Hard or Soft Taco

The genius of Mexican food is its simplicity. For 50 Bites, Bubbkoo’s offers up a single hard or soft taco with a choice of chicken, pulled pork or fresh ground beef. Ole!

See you next week!


Hayday Coffee

131 S. Tennesee Ave // 609-350-6475 //

Signature Roasted Drip Coffee

The official new kid on the block over on Tennessee Avenue, Hayday Coffee is a 50 Bites rookie. They throw their hat in the ring by offering up their flagship item — signature roast drip coffee. Come in, perk up and Bite on.

For more info or to purchase a 50 Bites+ pass, go to


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